COVID Compliant Museums – New Challenges

While most museums were closed due to quarantines, the safely and security of the establishments was still a necessary undertaking.  Exhibition spaces and valuable objects may have needed additional attention or perhaps storage.  Staff caring for and cleaning exhibit spaces needed to be trained on disinfecting and aware of what products are approved for use in those areas.  Indoor public spaces pose a greater risk for the spread of COVID-19 due to restricted air flow.  Buildings needed to perform deep cleanings and also change their air filters following the outbreak of the coronavirus as a precautionary measure. 

Museums – Post Pandemic in Dallas

Most establishments including museums are overwhelmed by all the new guidelines needed to reopen safely in Texas following the COVID-19 outbreak.  The risk to visitors, volunteers and staff will need to be minimized and most critically, the confidence level of all three parties will need to raised.  Not all buildings and spaces are alike and city and state regulations differ throughout the country.  Thus, each museum will have to develop their own unique plan to open and stay compliant.  The new health protocols outlined in Governor Abbott’s Open Texas legislation will need to be adopted into all of our everyday practices.

Modifications to Remain Compliant Museums

Disaster plans and long term strategies of most establishments will most likely need some adjusting.  If not in place prior to the outbreak of COVID-19, museums will need to have a business continuation outline.  If the pandemic lasts long enough, some museums may have to modify their building structure to remain complaint.  Social distancing restrictions now in place limit the occupancy and thus impede the planned funds being contributed to keep these institutions running.  Layouts may need to be renovated to open up space and other galleries may need new systems for more healthy airflows.

Not All Museums Are No Touch

While displays at some museums are traditionally blocked off from visitors to touch, other exhibits are educational and interactive with high-touch equipment and displays.  All types of museums will have some common hurdles to tackle such as the rigorous cleaning and disinfecting of the surfaces frequently handled by visitors in all public foundations.  Disinfecting these areas will now need frequent, special attention.  This chore and other guidelines will be needed to keep up with the challenges to remain compliant.  These areas include door handles, railings, elevators buttons, rented wheelchairs, chairs and tables and bathrooms.

Choose a Partner to Remain a Compliant Museum in Dallas

Should a museum need to seek a vendor to assist with cleaning and sanitizing, they should look to a local staffing company with professional, insured and background checked contractors trained as sanitizing specialists.  Trinity Event Staffing has uniformed, reliable workers available for sanitizing high touch surfaces throughout facilities.  These staff members have been through extensive training and would have the knowledge of what a COVID compliant museum should be.  These contractor have studied the protocols outlined by the state of Texas.

Sanitizing Team on Duty

The staff with Trinity Event Staffing could be hired during business hours for sanitizing surfaces as visitors come in contact with them. The presence of cleaning staff seen on-site by your guests would tell everyone that you are concerned about their safety.   They could also assist with the enforcement of social distancing and wearing of masks should this be made a requirement at the museum.  This in turn, would alleviate some of their concerns with frequenting these exhibits and safeguard attendees from possible virus spread.  Keeping the establishment COVID compliant and the public safe are Trinity’s primary goals.



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